Month: November 2017


By a dusty city road stood a wooden cabin decorated with garlands of tobacco pouches and cut-outs of Jesus Christ and Lord Shiva. Steeped in the fragrance of sweet, milky tea, it glittered with peg-sized glass cups brimming with tea. Men

Of Minarets, Dreams, and Memories

Perched on a latticed window of a century old haveli, the pigeons fluttered about as irreverently as the milling crowd. Steeped in history, stumbling through the 21st century, the city of brick-red buildings and stone-walled minarets stands aloof. Like a proud lioness,

A Tiny Tibet in Karnataka

While driving to Coorg, many tourists stop at Kushal Nagar to see the beautiful Golden Temple, eat momos, and purchase souvenirs. Few venture into the Tibetan settlements. On a trip, many summers ago, I decided to halt in Kushalnagar. A