Lonely Canopy Illustration and Content

Seema Misra – Artist, Writer, Illustrator

Seema Misra is an independent artist and writer. She has been a part of the communications industry for over nine years. Her last job was at HPE as a technical writer. Now, she undertakes freelance projects for illustrations, content creation, copywriting, and social media marketing through her blog Lonely Canopy. To unwind, she watches world cinema or travels across it. She talks to her plants and sometimes people as well. But more often than not … you will find her curled up in her favorite corner reading a book while sipping strong coffee. She is as passionate about travel as she is about her art. She figured that the best way to combine her two passions would be through a self-illustrated travelogue of her cozy and enchanting sojourns across the country.


  • To view her resume, focusing on Technical Documentation, click here.
  • To view her resume, focusing on Art and Design, click here.


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  • Traditional paintings (watercolor, acrylic, and oil)
  • Personalized gifts (Journals, handmade cards, gifts, miniature books, and stationery)
  • Digital art
  • Posters, logo design, brochure, menu design, and social media posts
  • Content solutions
  • Social media marketing and content development
  • Illustrated travel writing
  • Conducting art and craft classes and workshops
  • Murals and wall art


  • SEO writing
  • Travel writing
  • Editing
  • Copywriting