Back again in a coffee plantation

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Aquaman (2018): Film Review

DC rises above the studio battles and creates a joyous adventure ride. Aquaman is good old fun. imagine Thor underwater in the imaginary sequel of The Abyss, then Indiana Jones took him to Sahara and then they all fought the threat of global pollution. Geoff Johns’ vision finally comes to Atlantean life.

Halloween(2018): Just the two of us (Film Review)

A fun “let’s do this some time again” walkback to Haddonfield’s blood gore glory. Horror equally balanced with drama and some classic Carpenter dread, McBride’s lighter touch and Green’s familiarity with suburbia. Classic homages aplenty, and a stronger, determined Laurie Strode.

First Man: A Waltz for Karen (Film Review)

Damien Chazelle’s atypical tale of ambition, belief, suffering, and crowning glory, with a musical score that’s befitting the legacy of the lunar landing.