Of Minarets, Dreams, and Memories


Perched on a latticed window

of a century old haveli,

the pigeons fluttered about

as irreverently as

the milling crowd.

Steeped in history,

stumbling through the 21st century,

the city of brick-red buildings

and stone-walled minarets

stands aloof.

Like a proud lioness, now grown old

she jealously guards her secrets.

However, stay still by the

tomb of Humayun

and the djinns will

speak to you.

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[…] lived in, none have fascinated me as much as Purani Dilli. And, once wandering in the by-lanes of Purani Dilli, I came across the house of Mirza Ghalib. As I walked through the haveli, it seemed almost unreal […]


Loved it. It was small yet, like an arrow pierced the heart. Cheers 🙂

Ashwini Menon (@Ashwini_Menon)

Through your words and images I caught an enticing glimpse of a beautiful yet forgotten world. Nicely done!! 🙂