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Malgudi Days Revisited

Day 13 (M) ~ #BlogchatterA2Z

All artwork is copyrighted by Lonely Canopy.

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Ta na na Nana nana na …


This iconic tune transports an entire generation to simpler times … the growing up of a small boy, Swami, in a make-believe southern village, Malgudi. Having read the books and seen the television show, I was delighted to come across an article about the house where the series was filmed.


Located in in Agumbe, Shimoga district, Karnataka, Kasturi Akka’s home was given to producers to shoot in. She recalls, they didn’t even charge for the location! This 120-year old house is a traditional one built for a large family – with three kitchens, each with its own well, underground tanks to store water, granaries, several bedrooms, an open courtyard, and a lovely veranda.  At the center of the house is a tulsi plant.

You walk down to the house from Agumbe bus stand – ask anyone for directions to Dodda Manne. The house was built in 1860s by Vasudeva Rao in Thotti Mani style (built around an open courtyard). Mangalore tiles, wooden pillars, and stone and mud walls keep the house naturally cool and airy. There’s natural light in every room.   What I found unique was its coffee room – with a filter coffee machine. A mini café at home!


The fourth, fifth generation of Raos currently live in this well maintained home. And they are always welcoming to all tourists and patiently answer what must be repetitive and annoying questions to them. I hope to go back to this house for some studies and paintings.

Malgudi days constitutes the collective image of a fantasy village we all dreamed of. It is a reference point for all the values and customs our culture is associated with. Malgudi days combined with other Doordarshan shows of the 1990s represent an age of innocence and hence its special place in our heart. On a side-note, its a fascinating trivia/myth that the name itself is a combination of Malleshwaram and Basavangudi, two suburbs of Bangalore.




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