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Seema Misra

Seema Misra undertakes freelance projects for illustrations, content creation, copywriting, and social media marketing through her blog Lonely Canopy. To unwind, she watches world cinema or travels across it. She talks to her plants and sometimes people as well. But more often than not … you will find her curled up in her favorite corner reading a book while sipping strong coffee.

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Douglas Collin
Douglas Collin

Your sketches are lovely, and your comments match them. I love the night sky over the snow covered hills. I once did a similar sketch in the Philippines, on a deserted beach, in the middle of the night: magic ! You are lucky to be able to travel alone; it’s the best way to experience the poetry of travel. I did this when I was young; now I’m old, and need help with the bag. Do it as long as you can !


This is beautifully written. It’s almost like reading a storybook with your lovely sketches. You have inspired me to learn more about this location.