Scallywags Summer





This short comic/illustrated story is inspired by my memories of reading Russian Fairy Tales as a child. The book Mridu picks up is The Lost Girl and the Scallywags by Galina Demykina. What I remember the most are the beautiful names and the dark enchantment of these books. Have you had similar experiences?

It is also a part of my illustrations for introverts. Mridu is a shy and quiet girl like I was. And she likes to do things by herself. And, her very first friends are books – something most introverts would agree to. Let me know your thoughts.

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I was in love with the Russian fairy tales too – the names, the woods and their concept of children s life was so different form Enid Blyton. I was convinced I was born in the wrong spot and yearned to be away to these lands which seemed so much fulfilling 😉

Rashi Roy

Beautiful illustrations and Mridu is so me. Would love to read more 🙂

Abhijit Ray

Lazy, hot and quiet summer afternoons make people do crazy things, explore forbidden rooms, more so when they are advised not to. A nice story.