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List of Lonely Canopy Art and Travel services:


  • Traditional paintings (watercolor, acrylic, and oil)
  • Personalized gifts (Journals, handmade cards, gifts, miniature books, and stationery)
  • Digital art
  • Posters, logo design, brochure, menu design, and social media posts
  • Content solutions
  • Social media marketing and content development
  • Illustrated travel writing
  • Conducting art and craft classes and workshops
  • Murals and wall art


  • SEO writing
  • Travel writing
  • Editing
  • Copywriting

Travel Writing and Illustration

  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Travel sketching workshops
  • Illustrated stories


  • To view her resume, focusing on Technical Documentation, click here.
  • To view her resume, focusing on Art and Design, click here.

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