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    A Shikara Ride

      Still are the waters, Tranquil, alive and poised Bouncing the sun off, From behind the hills high above The Shikara forms a silhouette, Quietly advancing at the horizon.   As we travel further, Colors emerge, then slowly fade away. Images blend into reflections. Holding a poignant past. Almost melancholic, almost sad.  

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    Coffee, Cardamom, Campfire, and Calmness at Hema Koota

    Hema Koota is an authentic homestay that offers the simple pleasures of life (delicious food, friendly people, and nature) making for a perfect weekend getaway. Every year, the onset of Christmas vacations heralds an exodus in Bangalore. Some companies shut down for the year-end. IT employees try to use up their remaining leaves. Everyone has a reason to head out for their last travel of the year. We too decided to drive to the hills to enjoy the winter chill and the coffee harvest season. While scrolling through listings on travel websites I came across Hema Koota in Hassan. Their website had a gallery of beautiful photos, with one of…