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Urban Sketching at INTACH Bangalore Talk, Max Muller Bhavan

Discover a treasure of architectural heritage in Northern Karnataka, just an overnight journey from Bangalore. Explore a magnificent series of forts and palaces built by the Bahmani and Baridi sultans of Karnataka during the 14th to16th centuries. Today’s INTACH Bangalore talk by a world authority on South Asian architecture, George Michell (well known for his documentation of the ruins of Hampi) took us through the nuances of Islamic architecture in this region illustrated with a series of photographs from his book Islamic Architecture of Deccan India.

Urban sketches at Max Muller Bhavan

Here are some urban sketches that were done at Max Muller Bhavan before and during the talk. Some colors have gone haywire (the green Avatar-like face) cause I couldn’t see my colors in the near dark auditorium. (Note to self: Memorize the color layout of the palette).


It was nice of Michell to autograph my sketchbook!

Islamic Architecture of Deccan India

Asirgarh, idgah, 16th century – this outdoor place of worship is located in the plain beneath Asirgarh fort. The watercolor is done based on a photograph by Antonio Martinelli, from the book Islamic Architecture of Deccan India. Read an excerpt and see the photograph here.

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