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X-tacy of travel: An Ode To Wanderlust

Day 24 (X) ~ #BlogchatterA2Z

All artwork is done by Seema Misra, Copyright Lonely Canopy.

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I exist in many places …

In the book stores, cafes, traffic jams, malls and buses of Bangalore

In the tea gardens of Nilgiris

In the chocolate stores of Ooty

In the German bakeries, monasteries and Tibetan cafes of Mcleodganj

In the wine shops, home stays and coffee estates of Coorg

In the humid beaches of Fort Kochi

In the streets, dhabas, morning walk parks and gullies of Jaipur

In the sandy desert camps,  havelis turned into shops and trippy cafes of Jaisalmer

In the winding pretty country roads of Wayanad

In the always raining but utterly non happening beaches of Kannur

In the colonial bylanes and art galleries of Pondicherry

In the crumbling edifices and glory in all things ruined, at Hampi

In the unnamed streaming rivers of Chamba

In the always satisfying, deceptively simple shopping complexes of Chandigarh

In the maddeningly addictive street food places of Delhi

In the alarmingly calm city street and cafes of Paro

In the bustling meals-ready hotels of Udupi

In the antique markets of Mapusa, where you could bargain on history

In the charmingly exotic lake hotels of Udaipur

In the pristine beach sands of Gopalpur

In the traffic less and stress less pavements of Thimphu

In the barren forest trails of Sariska

In the busy Mall Road of Shimla

In the flight of a nameless flamingo, in Chillika

In the crowded chat shops of Lucknow

In the narrow hill roads and desolate structures of Kurseong

In the soaring valleys, plunging horizons spilling over bowls of sea

In the countless sunrises, handful of sunsets

In the list of plans, and forgettable failures

In the missed opportunities and surprise discoveries

In the hopes of a magical day spent dreaming

In the warm comforts of a sumptuous meal by the sea

In the vast emptiness of a floating cloud

In the unimaginable yet possible

In the moment, and many more that make many more such moments…

30th Dec 2017

Siniolchu, Cochrane Place, Kurseong


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